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Vitant | Our Story

Science + Synergy.

Simplified skincare for beautiful skin. 

Every person deserves to feel beautifully confident in their own skin. Yet life can be hard at times and takes its toll on your skin. Finding the proper skincare can be a daunting experience. Whether in-store or online, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the variety of skincare ranges to choose from.

The idea for a simpler, accessible skincare range was formed after an encouraging conversation between founder Joan van Wyngaard and a doctor acquaintance. As a pharmacist passionate about research and making a difference, Joan was inspired to develop a simplistic, unisex skincare range that combines science and synergistic ingredients to get visible results without breaking the bank.


Each quality ingredient in the Vitant skincare range has been carefully selected for its anti-ageing properties that work in harmony to restore the skin’s microbiome that is imbalanced by the harsh landscape it faces daily. 


I wanted to develop a simplistic skincare range containing quality ingredients that really make a difference.

Joan van Wyngaard, founder

Simple, purposeful and highly effective skincare driven by science and synergy is at the core of what we do. Vitant’s vision is to create a healthy skin microbiome through exceptional skincare so that you will feel confident in your skin at every age.


Meet our founder


Perseverance, determination and kindness are the driving forces behind Joan van Wyngaard, a businesswoman based in George. Her professionalism and dedication to excellence have taken her worldwide in her quest to serve humanity.

She is currently writing her dissertation for her Doctorate in Paraclinical Sciences under the auspices of the Phytomedia specialists. Her research and development (R&D) track record has earned her the utmost respect of professionals in the medical and pharmaceutical community, as well as among her many and varied friends.
Joan believes in testing all the products she promotes on herself first. Only once she is satisfied with the results will she recommend them to others. She leaves no stone unturned in ensuring their excellence before promoting them. She believes firmly in aligning her value systems with the people and companies she associates with.

Joan has formidable people skills. She excels at being an attentive listener and highly values the inputs she receives from the teams she works with. From them, she sources valuable information, which she then invariably uses for the greater good of all concerned.

Amongst her many talents are coming up with solutions in healthcare that make a noticeable difference to the individuals she serves. She also has a knack for finding the right people at the right time to liaise with and further her reach.

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On a personal level, Joan is your girl next door. She knows just how to make new friends and keep them. She loves peace, quiet and harmony. Spending time with her two young sons is uppermost on her agenda and trail running in the mountains with friends is a favourite pastime. She is always up to a challenge to aim for the stars and has completed seven Comrades marathons despite major obstacles. The pets in her life also bask in the energy she generates. Humility colours her every action and she is one of the most approachable people you will ever find. She treats everyone in the same fair and generous manner.

She has experienced her fair share of challenges in this world. These, together with her outstanding natural abilities, have shaped her into the wise, mature and well-balanced being she is today. Joan has undoubtedly been the master of her own destiny, for she has worked hard to be where she is now. With her this is an ongoing journey. She is someone with universal appeal and a mover and shaker to follow without hesitation.

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