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The skin microbiome in a nutshell

You have probably heard the term “microbiome” before and wondered what it actually means. It’s very simple. Your gut and your skin both have a microbiome consisting of helpful and harmful microbes. 

Harmful microbes are called pathogenic microbes and they promote disease. On the other hand, symbiotic microbes are beneficial to your body. Pathogenic and symbiotic microbes coexist without problems and are balanced when you are healthy.

What applies to your gut applies to your skin.

The skin microbiome comprises a variety of organisms, including bacteria and fungi, amongst others. Several factors can disturb the balance of your skin microbiome, e.g., immune deficiencies, harsh beauty products, a high-fat diet and using too much of one type of probiotic.

When your gut is disturbed and you have bad digestion and poor absorption of nutrients, these factors can filter through to your skin microbiome and cause conditions such as acne, psoriasis and rosacea.

External environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and sunlight can also affect your skin microbiome.

Your skin is a barrier limiting pathogenic bacteria’s invasion and growth. For example, moist heat on your skin kills vegetative forms of bacterial pathogens, almost all viruses and fungi, by coagulating their proteins and killing their spores within 10 minutes or less.

The Vitant skincare range works together with your skin microbiome to ward off pathogens. The products feed and protect your skin and work in conjunction to gently balance your skin’s microbiome.

Be sure to use your Vitant range daily and eat a balanced diet. In addition, cultivate good habits such as getting enough sleep and exercise. These factors add up to a balanced lifestyle that will leave your skin radiant.

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