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Deep down, we all know it – there is no magic fountain of youth. But with the right skincare routine and products, you can unleash a powerful army of anti-ageing superhero ingredients.
We will introduce your skin to the ultimate defenders against ageing and their benefits.

Here are the top 5 ingredients that should be a part of your skin care routine-





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#1 - Alpha Hydroxy Acids


Smoothing Gel


  • Regular exfoliation is key to younger-looking skin.
  • Alpha hydroxy acids remove dead cells,
  • reduce wrinkles
  • reveals bright, smooth skin
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#2 - Retinol or Derivatives


Hydration Serum (Bakuchiol)

Bedtime Booster (Hydroxypinacolone)


  • Retinol, the only scientifically proven wrinkle-reducer
  • it destroys free radicals
  • boosts collagen
  • speeds up exfoliation
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#3 - Antioxidants - Vitamin C and Ferulic Acid


Glow Serum


  • It Neutralisers free radicals¬†
  • Layer vitamin C serum under your sunscreen to boost protection against the sun’s ageing effects.
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#4 - Niacinamide


Balancing Moisturiser

Restorative Moisturiser

Bedtime Booster


This multitasker –

  • reduces wrinkles
  • soothes rosacea
  • hydrates, brightens
  • evens out the complexion.
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#5 - SPF - Sun Protection Factor


Everyday Sun Care Cream


  • Protect from harmful UV rays.
  • UV rays are responsible for 80% of premature ageing
  • Sunscreen is the ultimate defender against skin damage.

Simplified Skin Routines

Basic Morning Routine –

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Basic Night Routine –

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Top 5 Superhero Ingredients summarised

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In Conclusion

These top 5 anti-ageing superstars enable you to unleash the power of Vitant’s hero ingredients.

“Say hello to brighter, smoother, and younger-looking skin!”